Kids summer camp!

Merri-Mac for Girls and Timberlake for Boys
excerpts from our parent thank-you letters.

Merri-Mac for Girls and Timberlake for Boys are kids summer camps in the North Carolina mountains. Each is a separate girls and boys camp. We have a long history of happy campers and would love to share with you our own perspectives about choosing a kids summer camp.

A Kids Summer Camp can be a wonderful growing experience for your child. Here are some of the quotes from thank you letters we have received from our parents:rDscn0084.jpg

favicon.gif"It would warm your heart to hear [our daughter], seemingly out of the blue, come up with a story or incident that happened at camp last summer, and talk about coming back this summer ... I feel confident that they will be well cared for and have a great time, probably even better than before because she is an 'experienced' camper now." -K.M. in Durham, NC

favicontl.gif"[My son] was a first time camper at Timberlake this summer and he absolutely loved the camp. He's been looking forward to going back from the minute he stepped on the plane home ... it seems he has found his niche." -C.G. in Memphis, TNrDscn3190.jpg

favicontl.gif"The young men on your staff are certainly chosen with care ... We feel the boys came away with so much more than just a camp experience." -P.C. in Baton Rouge, LA

favicon.gif"Too often in this busy world, we only hear from people when they have complaints ... I thought I would take a minute to say thank you for a job well done. My daughter had never been away to camp before ... It was very much her idea to go ... It suffices that [our daughter] loved Merri-Mac and wants to go for a month next year. Since returning home, she has shown evidence that camp was not only fun, but a positive personal growth experience as well ...she is brimming with self-confidence, an enhanced spirit of cooperation and a can-do attitude." -H.S. in Jupiter, FL

favicon.gif"I love my riding lessons and I'm improving everyday. I would like to thank you, Spencer, because without your encouragement and notice in my riding I would never have found my love of horses and riding" -C.

favicontl.gif"He has been trying out the wrestling holds he learned on his younger brother just about every day now! While we were still in the car driving home, he raved about the climbing experiences ... He was just so proud of himself!" -M.T. in Tennessee

favicon.gif"I have always considered Merri-Mac a second home. I have done a great deal of growing up there and it has contributed to making me a strong, confident person. Although the six previous years have been special to me, something about this summer touched a part of my heart I never new existed ... The unity and trust that was established among the counselors and support staff can't be described." -T.H. in Dallas, TX

rDscn3280.jpgfavicontl.gif"[our son] has attended several sleepaway camps over the years and Timberlake has set the standard for him and for us as well. We have all come to feel much affection and trust for Camp Timberlake and it is a very special place to us. Many thanks to all the fine individuals ... who provide such a wonderful time for the campers." -R.B. in Decatur, GA

favicon.gif"I just have to say thank you so much for [our daughter's] wonderful experience at camp this summer. When we met her at the airport, she cried, not because she was glad to see us, but because of all the friends and good times she had to leave behind at camp!" -J.S.

favicontl.gif"Timberlake is like a big family and the kids can truly feel it. As parents, we can feel it when we drive up to camp. The love everyone has for one another is so apparent and it is truly a special place." -A.M. in Asheboro, NC

favicontl.gif"My son went to Camp Timberlake. He was scared, easily led, insecure, and had very low self-esteem. He never returned. Instead, in his place, a confident young man came home; one who stood a little straighter, spoke with more assurance, held his chin up higher, and was well on his way to becoming a leader. His eyes contained a sparkle they'd never had and his heart had been touched so so deeply that kindness and empathy were uncovered and revived." -L.O. in Cary, NC

favicon.gif"In short, I believe Merri-Mac may well be the most positive, reinforcing, and emotionally educational experience in [my daughter's] life ... I thank you and Merri-Mac for the assistance you provide me in trying to raise a happy, healthy, secure and independent young person." -H.S. in Chattanooga, TN

favicontl.gif"Interestingly enough, each boy receives something different, something they need. Thus, I bring home two different young men, and this difference is a warm and wonderful magic ... I always give [our sons] the option of going to camp; I encourage them to do whatever they choose with their summer ... They look at me as if I have two heads - 'Of course, we're going back next summer!' ... as if any suggestion to the contrary would be ridiculous." -D.B. in Huntsville, AL

favicontl.gif"Your counselors were excellent and [our son] enjoyed every minute of it." -F.P. in Portafaix Paris, France

Camp Merri-Mac for Girls and Timberlake for Boys are ACA accredited camps with many years of experience caring for children. We are located near Asheville, North Carolina - Just follow the links on this page for more information.

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